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Positively 4th Street

by David Hajdu

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In 1966 when Bob Dylan, age twenty-five, disappeared from public view, he closed a chapter on one of the most fascinating stories in post-war cultural history. In just five years Dylan had become a spokesman for the counterculture; Greenwich Village the epicentre of youth style; and folk music - once played by earnest throwbacks - had been crossed with rock 'n' roll to form a thoughtful, literate, new musical style. Positively 4th Street relates just how folk became rock by looking at four young beatniks and their rise to fame: Bob Dylan, his part-time lover Joan Baez, her sister Mimi, and Mimi's husband, the writer Richard Farina. It is that rare find - a new story to tell of a moment no one can forget.

Paperback: 336 Pages
Product Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9780747558262

Published by Bloomsbury