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by SAND Magazine

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I. SHOP LOCAL — the very act of creation was adopted from a generation of creators who picked up skills to make ends meet. The people who bought these locally made items were neighbours and even travellers from elsewhere. Those were the days when artists turned to their avenues and told stories drawn from conflicts and desires. II. SUSTAINABILITY — the modern generation presents us with wider room to explore and create in ways louder than before. We are at a place where a clear division exists between blind advertisements & agendas and works driven by intentions. But is intention practical? And who better to discuss our questions of how and why than existing brand makers and artists? 

SAND is a progressive publication that fuels both the consumer and creative on the daily commute, during late nights and creative pauses, wherever you are and whatever you set out to do. 

IN THIS ISSUE — Mash-Up Collective, Pint Society, Basic Theory, ETTE Tea, Dark Horse Vintage, Zhai, WoonHung, Kinobi, Ashley Ronning, Hello Heartbreak, TOMGIRL, Middle Class Cigars, Linus Hablot, Silas Price, Robin Eisenberg, Imaji Studio, Shophouse The Social Hostel

Magazine: 140 Pages
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