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Sato The Rabbit

by Yuki Ainoya

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Translated by Michael Blaskowsky

With these surrealist, yet matter-of-fact opening lines, we are transported to a world very much like our own, yet one that is imbued with an added dimension of wonder and curiosity. In Sato's world, ordinary objects and everyday routines can lead to magical encounters: a rain puddle, reflecting the sky, becomes a window that can be opened and peered through. A walnut is cracked open to reveal a tiny home, complete with a bathtub and a comfy bed. During a meteor shower, Sato catches stars in a net, illuminating the path home for a family taking an evening walk.

Hardback: 68 Pages
Product Dimensions: 177 x 203 mm
ISBN: 9781592703180

Published by Enchanted Lion Books