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by Michael James Wong

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The paper crane is an iconic and powerful symbol of hope, healing and happiness. According to tradition, if a person were to fold a thousand paper cranes in one year, they would be granted a single wish and a long and joyful life.

In this beautiful and inspiring book, renowned mindfulness and meditation teacher Michael James Wong shares a personal collection of short stories and teachings, accompanied by traditional hand-painted proverbs and prayers. Together these bring to life gentle wisdoms and universal truths to guide a meaningful way of living.

Shared throughout the book in twelve straightforward steps is also the powerful practice of orizuru, the art of folding paper cranes, a journey that will encourage you to slow down and ignite a hopeful perspective for the future.

Hardback: 272 Pages
Product Dimensions: 141 x 192 mm
ISBN: 9780241511398

Published by Michael Joseph