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Shame On Me

by Tessa McWatt

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What does it mean to belong?

All her life, Tessa McWatt has been asked, 'What are you?' Born in Guyana to a family with Scottish, African, French, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, and Native American heritage, she grew up in a white suburb, out of place, longing to fit in. As an adult, she moved to the UK, still pursued by questions about her identity.

In this deeply personal reckoning with race and belonging, Tessa interweaves her own experiences as a mixed-race woman with a stark and unvarnished history of slavery and indenture, as well as observations on literature and popular culture.

This powerful memoir of being mixed race in a predominantly white society is a necessary exploration of who and what we truly are.

Paperback: 272 Pages
Product Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9781913348229

Published by Scribe Publications