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Sikit-Sikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit

by Annaliza Bakri

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When physical spaces make way for development, we risk historical amnesia. A place evokes a sense of belonging. It sustains our memory of who we are and where we are in the ebb and flow of humanity. Once lost, it can never be recovered. A person emptied of memory is one floating in an open sea without any anchor.

This anthology revisits lost places in Singapore. But not to reminisce or to evoke nostalgia. These poems express what these places mean to the poets and people who built this nation. They interweave social narratives with a strong desire to combat the loss of our memories, names, buildings, roads, trails, episodes, incidents, everything that is us and ours. They represent hope: of what was then, what we are, and what we can be.

Thought-provoking yet moving, these poems are the hidden gems of our literary tradition, unveiling a piece of our social tapestry with every turn of the page: a shared journey in which one rediscovers a lost fabric of our interwoven history. 

This anthology features award-winning poets such as Cultural Medallion recipients — Mohamed Latiff Mohamed and Suratman Makasan, accomplished poet-painters like Abdul Ghani Hamid and Suraidi Sipan, our brilliant Sufi poet — Johar Buang, as well as young talents such as Zulfadli Rashid and Noorhaqmal Mohamed Noor. Our acclaimed female poets Hadijah Rahmat, Amanah Mustafi and Kamaria Buang, also illuminate this poetic journey. These voices have been nothing but enlightening and empowering as they bear witness to the challenges and concerns of the people in the midst of change and transformation.

Paperback: 151 Pages
Product Dimensions: 125 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789811152863

Published by Math Paper Press