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Singapore Shophouses

by Julian Davison

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The Singapore shophouse is an architectural gem a particular building form that is unique to the island. This book traces its development from rudimentary shophouse through various incarnations of decorative style Neoclassical, Chinese Baroque, Jubilee-style, Edwardian, Rococo, Tropical Modern all the while commenting on the various influences that fueled its evolution. Each individual feature of the shophouse is examined, as is its change from rudimentary out-of-China structure to sophisticated dwelling house. Numerous examples of shophouse interiors today complete the odyssey showcasing Shophouse as Temple, Clan House, Home, Boutique Hotel, Shop, Restaurant Coffeeshop and more, we see how these heritage buildings continue to be relevant in the era of the skyscraper and shopping mall.

Hardback: 208 Pages
Product Dimensions: 224 x 285 mm
ISBN: 9789810597160

Published by Talisman