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Somewhere In The City

by J. B. Frank

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Illustrated by Yu Leng

Somewhere in the city,
Lucy's just not ready to go to bed.
She opens her bedroom window and lets in the bustle of the street below.
Stores are closing. A scruffy dog sniffs an empty pail.
"Daddy's coming home," she calls to the dog.
Woof-woof, barks the dog.

The sights and sounds of the city come alive in a magical way as Lucy waits eagerly for her father to return from work. Watching out the window, Lucy's view of dogs, bakers, and buses is juxtaposed with her father's journey through crowds, trains, and finally home to tuck her in. Detailed illustrations contrast a child's fantastical view of the world with reality, all leading up to a cozy finish that will make this a perfect bedtime book for city children everywhere.

Hardback: 32 Pages
Product Dimensions: 205 x 255 mm
ISBN: 9781641702607

Published by Familius