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by Koji Suzuki

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Translated by Glynne Walley

Dr. Ando who has yet to recover from his son's death at sea, conducts an autopsy on an old friend who has died under unusual circumstances. The corpse, that of cynical philosophy professor Ryuji Takayama, has something to tell him. And Ryuji isn't the only one who chooses to make a reappearance in this story.

You don't know what the Ring is yet. The terms of the curse of the videotape undergo a jaw-dropping reconfiguration in this novel, the horror master's stunning reinvention of his own bestselling tale. Spiral is written as a stand-alone work; for Ring fans, it is a sequel that redefines the word.

Paperback: 283 Pages
Product Dimensions: 135 x 205 mm
ISBN: 9781942993933

Published by Vertical