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Suka-Suka The Cement Truck

by Ng Swee San

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Illustrated by Han Qingping

Suka-Suka has an important job: he helps to build roads, pavements and more. Just like baking, mixing cement involves combining the right ingredients in the right quantity. But Suka-Suka doesn't think instructions are necessary at all—he prefers to mix the ingredients however he likes, which leads to a path of unintended destruction! Suka-Suka realises his suka-suka ways have negative consequences not just for himself, but others too. That, perhaps, he can't just do whatever he likes all the time and should learn to be more responsible. Suka-Suka the Cement Truck is the third book in the series that introduces the little ones to Singaporean phrases through commonly seen vehicles on our roads.

Part of the Really Wheelie Buddies series.

Board Book: 28 Pages
Product Dimensions: 125 x 155 mm
ISBN: 9789814845526

Published by Epigram Books