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The Age Of Kali

by William Dalrymple

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William Dalrymple, who wrote so magically about India in City of Djinns, returns to the country in a series of remarkable essays.

Featured in its pages are 15-year-old guerrilla girls and dowager Maharanis; flashy Bombay drinks parties and violent village blood feuds; a group of vegetarian terrorists intent on destroying India's first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet; and a palace where port and cigars are still carried to guests on a miniature silver steam train.

Dalrymple meets such figures as Imran Khan and Benazir Bhutto; he witnesses the macabre nightly offering to the bloodthirsty goddess Parashakti - She Who Is Seated on a Throne of Five Corpses; he experiences caste massacres in the badlands of Bihar and dines with a drug baron on the North-West Frontier; he discovers such oddities as the terrorist apes of Jaipur and the shrine where Lord Krishna is said to make love every night to his 16,108 wives and 64,732 milkmaids.

The Age of Kali is the fourth fascinating volume from the author of In Xanadu, City of Djinns and From the Holy Mountain.

Paperback: 416 Pages
Product Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9780006547754

Published by Harper Collins