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The Art Of Chinese Living

by Xiang Yao

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Chronicling the traditions of Chinese life and culture, The Art of Chinese Living is a visual cornucopia and an epic cultural immersion into everything from cuisine and history to art and rituals, calligraphy and music to artefacts and interiors, and from widespread national traditions to the minutiae of daily family life.

Spanning over 1,100 stunning pages and divided into the four seasons, this lavish four-volume set in a cloth-bound slipcase is alive with culture. The passion and research that have gone into producing this masterpiece are palpable on every page, from the 10,000 commissioned photographs and illustrations to the incredible gatefold pages and painstaking detail. It is a love letter to Chinese culture written by a mother keen to share her passion for incredible traditions both big and small with her own children, and those of families around the world - whether looking to rekindle a connection with their own traditions or eager to learn more about China, its history and culture.

From recipes and home-made gift ideas to an epic timeline of Chinese dynasties and cultural artefacts, The Art of Chinese Living is a joy to behold and a treasure to share.

Paperback: 1104 Pages
Product Dimensions: 225 x 290 mm
ISBN: 9780008400002

Published by Harper Collins