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The Boy With The Arab Strap CD

by Belle and Sebastian

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The Boy with the Arab Strap is the third album from the Scottish indie pop band Belle & Sebastian. The inspiration for the album's name came from the band Arab Strap, who are also from Scotland and briefly toured with Belle & Sebastian.

1 It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career
2 "Sleep the Clock Around
3 Is It Wicked Not to Care?
4 Ease Your Feet in the Sea
5 A Summer Wasting
6 Seymour Stein
7 A Space Boy Dream
8 Dirty Dream Number Two
9 The Boy with the Arab Strap
10 Chickfactor
11 Simple Things
12 The Rollercoaster Ride

('It Could Have Been a Brilliant Carrer' from The Boy with the Arab Strap- YouTube Link)

Format: CD
Length: 45:28
Genre: indie pop
Product Dimensions: 140 x 125 mm
Condition: 9/10

Published by Belle and Sebastian