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The Cinema Of Oliver Stone

by Norman Kagan

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Oliver Stone has been hailed and reviled as the "director of the Sixties" for his socially concerned and politically charged films on Vietnam, Latin America, Wall Street, pop music, the JFK assassination, and Watergate. 

No updated to include Nixon and U TurnThe Cinema of Oliver Stone examines, with a clear critical eye, all of Stone's work. Included are: Salvador, Stone's vivid and controversial film about the US in Latin America; Platoon, a top-grossing saga of an infantryman's Vietnam experience; Wall Street, a dramatization of the Decade of Greed; The Dors, a definitive view of Sixties Pop Culture; JFK, an obsession that has divided a nation; Natural Born Killers, an explosive look at crime, violence, and fame; and more. 

The Cinema of Oliver Stone shows how the movies were inspired, how they were made, and what the critics and other filmmakers have said. Also included are analyses of film Stone worked on as a writer but not as a director: Midnight ExpressConan the BarbarianScarface, and others. 

Paperback: 311 Pages
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ISBN: 9780826412447

Published by Bloomsbury