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The Craft

by Rishi Dastidar

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The Craft is an indispensable guide to both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of poetic craft in the 21st century, and essential writing-desk companion for poets at all stages.

The book covers practical techniques – the nuts of bolts of putting poems together, mastering poetic forms such as sonnets, sestinas, prose poems and golden shovels, how to choose titles for your poems and the art of long sequences. It also explores the idea of ‘craft’ itself - knowing how pentameters dance is important, but by no way is it the only dimension of ‘craft’ that the poet starting out today has to consider. What about sound and the skills involved in performing your work? What about truth and fabrication, and the ethics of using real life in your work? What about the politics of the word ‘craft’ itself?

Following on from the best-selling Nine Arches Press’ creative writing handbooks 52: Write a Poem a Week. Start Now. Keep Going, and How to be a Poet (Jo Bell & Jane Commane), The Craft brings together a selection of contemporary poetry’s most skilled practitioners to share ideas and inspiration on the making of poems.

Paperback: 180 Pages
Product Dimensions: 140 x 215 mm
ISBN: 9781911027850

Published by Nine Arches Press