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The Fourfold Remedy

by John Sellars

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What do we really need in order to live a happy life? An Epicurean antidote to anxiety.

Over two thousand years ago the Greek philosopher Epicurus offered a seemingly simple answer: all we really want is pleasure.

Today we tend to associate the word 'Epicurean' with the enjoyment of fine food and wine and decadent self-indulgence. But, as philosopher John Sellars shows, these things are a world away from the vision of a pleasant life developed by Epicurus and his followers who were more concerned with mental pleasures and avoiding pain. Their goal, in short, was a life of tranquillity.

In this uplifting and elegant book, Sellars walks us through the history of Epicureanism from a private garden on the edge of ancient Athens to the streets of Rome, showing us how it can help us think anew about joy, friendship, nature and being alive in the world.

Hardback: 96 Pages
Product Dimensions: 120 x 190 mm
ISBN: 9780241419564

Published by Allen Lane