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The Glass Bees

by Ernst Jünger

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In The Glass Bees the celebrated German writer Ernst Jünger presents a disconcerting vision of the future. Zapparoni, a brilliant businessman, has turned his advanced understanding of technology and his strategic command of the information and entertainment industries into a discrete form of global domination. But Zapparoni is worried that the scientists he depends on might sell his secrets. He needs a chief of security, and Richard, a veteran and war hero, is ready for the job. However, when he arrives at the beautiful country compound that is Zapparoni’s headquarters, he finds himself subjected to an unexpected ordeal. Soon he is led to question his past, his character, and even his senses…

Paperback: 224 Pages
Product Dimensions: 125 x 205 mm
ISBN: 9780940322554

Published by New York Review of Books