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The Good Guys

by Darren Chen

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The Good Guys is a tale of failure and redemption. Set in Singapore in the not-so-distant future, superheroes, born from a worldwide conflict called War of the Long Winter, save the day. But who will save them when they break? The Good Guys is Darren Chen, a third-year law undergraduate’s first novel.

Deep beneath the Singapore General Hospital is The Vault—a hidden sanctuary for broken superheroes in need of a little time-out. Away from the eyes of the worshipping public, they take the sofa and have a dose of therapy. But when a death occurs, the facility is immediately locked down. Small-time superhero, Landslide, finds himself in a whodunnit, and realises that being cooped up underground amongst unstable superheroes with immense power is not the best place to be…

Paperback: 288 Pages
Product Dimensions: 152 x 225 mm
ISBN: 9789814901536

Published by Epigram Books