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The HDB Murders

by Daren Goh

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The country is killing her people.

An unexplained crime wave washes over Singapore and Minister Chew is tasked with the responsibility of ending it. Navigating around red tape, Minister Chew scrambles to find the answers to the crime wave and the never-ending stream of people falling off HDB flats. As the situation spirals out of control into one of complicity and apathy, Minister Chew is forced to reckon with his values and make a decision for both himself and the task force he leads.

A gritty outlook on the Singaporean condition, Goh blows the common trope of the HDB flat wide open, taking it further than many writers have dared to.

Paperback: 289 Pages
Product Dimensions: 125 x 200 mm
ISBN: 9789811152900

Published by Math Paper Press