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The Mystery Of The Strange Messages

by Enid Blyton

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Another Mystery–with Mr. Goon right in the middle of it, feeling very puzzled indeed! Who is sending him the strange messages that pop up all over the place? Why is the messenger never seen? What's all this about a house called The Ivies, which doesn't exist? Mr. Goon thinks that Fatty is playing a joke on him–and that's how it is that the Five Find-Outers learn about the queer little mystery–that leads to yet another, bigger mystery–which opens up a more curious one still! A Mystery made up of many mysteries–even Fatty is so puzzled that he almost give it up.

Hardback: 186 Pages 
Product Dimensions: 137 x 194 mm
Condition: 5/10
1st Edition

Published by Methuen & Co.