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The Nature Of Remains

by Ginger Eager

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In Flyshoals, Georgia, karma is writ small enough to witness. When Doreen Swilley discovers that her boss and lover of thirty years intends to fire her to placate his dying wife, she devises a plan to steal his business from him. Her plan just might work too, if she is not thwarted by a small town's enmeshed histories and her family's own dark secrets.

Set during the 2009 recession, The Nature of Remains rests at the intersection of class, gender, education and place. Through extended geological metaphor, readers witness the orogeny, crystallization, and weathering of the human soul. Doreen's journey reveals the ways even a woman's most precious connections--her children, her grandchildren, her lover--operate within larger social structures capable of challenging her sovereignty.

Paperback: 478 Pages
Product Dimensions: 130 x 201 mm
ISBN: 9781936970643

Published by New Issues Poetry & Prose