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The Punkhawala And The Prostitute

by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

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Slavery, betrayal, man-eating tigers... How will these two souls find their way back home?

Beneath the golden façade of a land filled with opportunities dwell two destitute souls, shipped to Singapore in the late 1800s. Oseki, an ingenue forced into prostitution as a karayuki, grapples with being betrayed by her own father and transforms into a monster she can’t recognise. Gobind, a deaf convict from India, serves his sentence as a punkhawala to a British hunter obsessed with killing Rimau Satan, a man-eating tiger of mythic proportions. Whenever Gobind hunts with his master, his butchered memories lurk in the darkness, aching to pounce. When Oseki’s and Gobind’s paths intertwine, they begin to face their inner demons to find their humanity—and their way back home.

Paperback: 352 Pages
Product Dimensions: 152 x 225 mm
ISBN: 9789814901802

Published by Epigram Books