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The Secret Life Of The Human Body

by John Clancy

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Most of us take our body for granted and are never aware of its amazing capabilities. This book looks at how the seven octillion atoms that make up the human body are grouped into organs, tissues, nerves, fibres, fluids and more in such a way that the entire system runs smoothly without us ever knowing about it. It explains the hidden world of hormones and enzymes, the battleground of your immune system, the senses and much more. It also reveals the astonishing secrets of the human body, from the 15 'other senses' we have beyond the known five, to the reason we have eyes capable of seeing the Andromeda galaxy 2.5 million light years away.

Paperback: 192 pages
Product Dimensions: 197 x 248 mm
ISBN: 9781844039784

Published by Octopus Books