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The Stories Of Musical Instruments

by Štěpánka Sekaninová

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Illustrated by Jakub Cenkl

A comprehensive overview of the origin of the world's best-known musical instruments, presenting many fascinating facts along the way.

Niccolo the cricket would like to become a musician. But which instrument should he start with? The violin? The guitar? The trumpet? All at once? Well, he does have six limbs, so why not? In any case, Niccolo and his trusty companion Luciano the nightingale travel the world as they learn about musical instruments of all kinds, from simple drums to the most sophisticated church organs. Do you know what didgeridoo, shamisen, or vozembouch are? Would you rather become a member of symphony orchestra or a rock band? Lets find out! If you are interested in music at least a little, join Niccolo and Luciano and learn the stories of musical instruments along with them.

Hardback: 68 Pages
Product Dimensions: 203 x 279 mm
ISBN: 9788000059327

Published by Albatros Media