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The Story Of Number Nine

by Josiah Ng

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illustrated by Lam Wen Jie

If Numbers had a life, what story would they tell? What personality would each number possess? What lessons would they teach us?

Number Nine, although a smart and intellectual chap (with a big head), is frustrated about his position as the last number on Infinity Island. He sets off on a journey across his mystical home to prove his worth to the other numbers. Driven by ambition (and also insecurity) and using his intellect, he succeeds but only to realise that a person's significance is not found in how big or small you are.

In uncovering the tale, young readers will also be inspired to creatively imagine the stories of different idioms (At Sixes and Sevens, On All Fours, On Cloud Nine... etc), using situations that the different Numbers would experience. This provides learning opportunities for young readers to better understand these idioms and express themselves better.

Hardback: 56 Pages
Product Dimensions: 120 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789811153846

Published by Math Paper Press