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The Suicide Club And Other Stories

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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A generous and remarkable young prince, together with his loyal and brave servant, find more adventure than they bargained for in The Suicide Club, Robert Louis Stevenson's engrossing trilogy of short stories about a bizarre club for people with a strong desire to end their lives.

In these interrelated tales, Prince Florizel of Bohemia and his aide, Colonel Geraldine, travel incognito through some of the most dangerous haunts of 19th-century London. The Story of the Young Man with the Cream Tarts introduces Florizel to the formidable Suicide Club, an organization for people who wish to end their lives, but don't have the courage to accomplish the act themselves. The Story of the Physician and the Saratoga Trunk reveals the grim contents of a large piece of luggage that travels hundreds of miles to its final destination; and in The Adventure of the Hansom Cab, a bloody resolution seals the fate of a notorious and elusive assassin.

Brimming with heart-stopping drama, this rare, lesser-known work by a master storyteller will appeal to a wide circle of readers, including fans of the great 19th-century English writer as well as lovers of a good mystery story.

Paperback: 237 Pages
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Published by Peacock Books (1963)