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The Teenage Texbook

by Adrian Tan

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This book is for teenagers from 11 to 81.

It is a story about love, lust and lechery, all happening in the pressing space of six-and-a-half weeks (but as this is a family book, we shall not say where or how it’s pressing.)

Lee Mui Ee is the Ice Cream Girl. Tom D’Cruz, the Dashing Athletic Hero. Yeo Chung Kai is Mr Outstandingly Average while Sissy Song and Loo Kok Sean are the Princess of PJC and the Aspiring College Cassanova respectively.

Who will melt the Ice Cream Girl?

Who or what will sort out the mess?

Will it be:

  1. The Teenage Textbook
  2. Dr E. Supramaniam MA (East Anglia), PhD (Calcutta)
  3. Toh Paik Choo, the editors of Female magazine and Mills & Boon?
  4. Who cares?

The answers to these and many other earth- (or should we say) milk-shaking problems are here as the Ice Cream Girl decides to make a clean breast of it.

“I’ve passed Teenhood.”

Paperback: 184 Pages
Product Dimensions: 115 x 180 mm
ISBN: 9789813002210

Published by Landmark Books