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The World's Most Ridiculous Animals

by Philip Bunting

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The process of evolution through natural selection has thrown up some pretty marvellous ridiculous creations. This book features over 50 of our planet’s most absurd, flamboyant and downright unbelievable creatures.

Over multiple generations, all of the animals in our wild and wonderful world have been unknowingly shaped by their environment. Each of their apparently ridiculous adaptations is a finely-honed tool to help them succeed in their particular surroundings.

As we go about our lucky lives, we must each adapt to (and make the best of) the changes and conditions in the world around us. You, me, fireflies, fennec foxes and flamingos – we’re all here thanks to a long line of survivors and thrivers, countless individuals who adapted over billions of years to allow us to be here right now. Every one of us is pretty marvellous (and just a little bit ridiculous) in our own particular way.

Hardback: 80 Pages
Product Dimensions: 235 x 290 mm
ISBN: 9780711276437

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books