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Through The Arc Of The Rain Forest

by Karen Tei Yamashita

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A Japanese man with a ball floating six inches in front of his head, an American CEO with three arms, and a Brazilian peasant who discovers the art of healing by tickling one's earlobe, rise to the heights of wealth and fame, before arriving at disasters both personal and ecological that destroy the rain forest and all the birds of Brazil.

Karen Tei Yamashita is the author of Through the Arc of the Rain Forest, Brazil-Maru, Tropic of Orange, Circle K Cycles, I Hotel, and Anime Wong, all published by Coffee House Press. I Hotel was selected as a finalist for the National Book Award and awarded the California Book Award, the American Book Award, the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association Award, and the Association for Asian American Studies Book Award.

Paperback: 216 Pages
Product Dimensions: 153 x 229 mm
ISBN: 9781566894852

Published by Coffee House Press