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by J. G. Farrell

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Winner of the 1970 Booker Prize for Fiction

'And so at the Majestic everything returned to the way it had been before. The gleaming tiles became dulled. Sofas as sleek as prize cattle lost their glow.'

1919, the Majestic Hotel in Kinalough, Ireland. Haunted war veteran Major Brendan Archer arrives to marry Angela Spencer, daughter of the house. But his fiancee is strangely altered, and her family's fortunes have suffered a spectacular decline.

The hotel's hundreds of rooms are disintegrating; its few remaining guests thrive on rumours and games of whist; herds of cats have taken over the Imperial Bar; bamboo shoots threaten the foundations; and piglets frolic in the squash court. And outside the order of the British Empire totters, as the violence of 'the troubles' mounts.

Paperback: 464 Pages
Product Dimensions: mm
ISBN: 9781474603423

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson