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Vasily Kandinsky

by Hajo Düchting

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Vasily Kandinsky was one of the first painters of abstract art and a founding member of the Blue Rider movement. Although he trained as a lawyer, Kandinsky abandoned this career path to devote himself to art, both as a creator and an influential teacher and theorist at the Bauhaus. Over time, Kandinsky's works grew more abstract, and he is best known for large, expressive paintings that free color from form and line. The book covers the entire span of his career, and focuses in particular on his time at the Bauhaus, where he collaborated with Lyonel Feininger and Paul Klee.

Lively, accessible, and lavishly illustrated, this new book offers a concise introduction to the life and work of this great master of art.

Hardback: 80 pages
Product Dimensions: 140 x 204 mm
ISBN: 9783777427591

Published by Hirmer Verlag