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Watching Women & Girls

by Danielle Pender

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A wedding day brings back memories of sisterhood and betrayals; a motorway service station burger bar is the site of explosive violence, but also strange bonds; a trip home forces a reminder of a life-changing, lost friendship; a woman confronts her own infidelity; an artist celebrates a life spent in observation.

This debut collection movingly explores how women and girls are looked at, look at one another, and look at themselves, and how living as an object can shape their passions, fears, and joys. With a clear eye and dark humour, Danielle Pender considers sex, parenting, grief and class as lenses for the ways in which the world watches women - and how women are always watching back.

Hardback: 272 Pages
Product Dimensions: 141 x 222 mm
ISBN: 9780008472467

Published by Harper Collins