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Ways Of Seeing

by Elephnt

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The HDB block is full of look-out points. From the openness of the void deck to our windows that look out onto those of the block opposite; to live in an HDB block to see and to be seen.

And with nearly 10, 000 public housing blocks spread throughout Singapore, it would not be hard to assume that the architectural elements directing lines of sight in HDB blocks would be similar. But amongst these 10,000 blocks, one might encounter a passer-by at a void deck in Simei framed by pillars painted in patterns skin to the De Stijl art movement. Or briefly catch glimpses of a passer-by through a fan shaped window in a stairwell in Ubi.

From colour coded void decks whose pillars seemingly repeat infinitely to the peonies, diamonds, moon gates and circles found in stairwells and life lobbies, the architectural motifs found in public housing blocks in Singapore become our Ways of Seeing.

Hardback: 68 Pages
Product Dimensions: 180 x 190 mm
ISBN: 9789811138126

Published by Math Paper Press