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We Adopted!

by Daniel Boey

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‘Adoption’ is the new badge of honour; Adoption is the new ‘Black’.

We Adopted is an anthology of modern, real life fairy tales of doggie salvation. It features some of the most incredible comeback stories, tales of resilience, forgiveness, trust, love, human cruelty, greed and miracle rebounds, dogs on the brink of death and the owners who never gave up on them.

Most of the dogs in this book have been through their own personal Hell. Every single one at the hands of a species called Humans. And they have all bounced back and remain as trusting and as compassionate and loving as ever.

The stories are accompanied by stunning editorial fashion spreads. No one would ever guess that these beautiful canine models were once abused, neglected, crippled or abandoned.

Hardback: 282 Pages
Product Dimensions: 184 x 250 mm
ISBN: 9789814868167

Published by Marshall Cavendish