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What The F*ck Is 5G?

by Kit Eaton

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Illustrated by JoAnna Wendel

What the f*ck is 5G, and how does it even work?

The world loves 4G phones, tablets and other gizmos and we take the tech for granted...but when that 4 grew up into the next-gen 5, it seems everyone perked up and started caring about phone networking tech. Journalists journaled, politicians, er, politicked, and tin-foil hat wearers reached for the extra-thick reinforced foil.

Why all this fuss? Believe it or not, 5G could change the way you live.

Because though it seems like smartphones are only good for tiktok and texting, 5G has the power to revolutionise how we interact with public spaces - from concerts and gigs to coffee shops, paving the way for foundational tech like virtual and augmented reality. This book will explain this missing radio link that will propel us into the future of self-driving cars and VR. Oh, and along the way we'll explore why 5G and coronavirus are very definitely and completely, utterly, not the same thing

Hardback: 176 Pages
Product Dimensions: 136 x 182 mm
ISBN: 9781529350883

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