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When The Sakura Bloom

by Narisa Togo

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Why do the Japanese make such a fuss over cherry blossom season? Sure, they're beautiful, but is there something deeper that the rest of us are missing?

When the Sakura Bloom by Nariso Togo sheds light on the cultural significance of cherry blossom season in Japan, and an insight into the unique mindset of its people. Through subtle text and gentle imagery readers will see the importance of slowing down to appreciate the moment. That comfort, not despair, can be found in the inevitable cycles of the seasons. How change can usher in opportunities and rejuvenation.

Moreover, When the Sakura Bloom is an understated illustration of the importance of celebrating the fleeting, delicate beauty of nature; and the metaphor this represents for life itself.

Hardback: 32 Pages
Product Dimensions: 304 x 225 mm
ISBN: 9780648953319

Published by Berbay Publishing