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by WhyNot

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WhyNot is a Singapore based Chinese Literary magazine, started by a group of NTU Chinese Studies graduates. This magazine invited four renowned columnists in their fields, Ace Khong, a.k.a 小邝 (design and illustrations), Teo Kok Keong a.k.a张国强 (Fiction), Liu Xiaoyi aka. 刘晓义 (Theatre) and Kho Tong Guan a.ka. 许通元 (Gender studies).

Our featured interview for this volume is centered to the theme, “Fetishism X Body”. The editorial team interviewed renowned theatre director, actor and playwright: Danny Yeo (杨君伟),Cheow Boon Seng (邹文森) and Neo Hai Bin (梁海彬). This interview reviews a play Shang Shen Bu You Ji (上身不由己) staged and performed in 2009 by local Chinese theatre, Dramabox.

Another highlight of this volume would go to “《卫生纸+》诗人特辑”, a special edition inviting new wave poets from Taiwan to submit their works and a short introduction by our editor-in-chief to discuss about their distinctive style and thoughts in Chinese poetry.

Poems collection for this volume are quite commendable, includes He Er’s (贺尔) “the Left side”, Gu Xingzi’s (孤星子) “Crowded Memories”, Yeo Min Hui’s (明慧) “the Net”; our fiction collection also includes exciting works from Teo Kok Keong’s (a.k.a 冷风细雨) “Disappearing Maid of 2050 (part 2)”, Neo Hai Bin’s “An association with city, island and the loss in Mythology”, Tan Yu Xin’s (a.k.a 牛油小生) “tiger’s tooth”, and many more.

《WhyNot 不为什么》是一本属于新加坡的华文文学杂志,由一群来自南大中文系的毕业生创立。本刊邀请知明文化与文学工作者小邝(绘画)、张国强(小说)、刘晓义(剧场)与许通元(性/别)撰写本期专栏。



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