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WhyNot is a Singapore based Chinese Literary magazine, started by a group of NTU Chinese Studies graduates in 2012. For this issue, we are featuring renowned essay (散文) writers like Quah Sy Ren (柯思仁) , Tan Chee Lay (陈志锐) and Ng Wai Choy (吴韦材) as they answer questions pertaining to essays and memory. How “real” is one’s memory? How well can essays re-present these memories? Join us as we uncover the complex relationship between reality and its re-presentations! In addition, we have also included interviews with 5 renown writers in our special segment, Tan Wah Peow (陈华彪) , Pan Zheng Lei (潘正镭) , Oliver Chong (钟达成) , Ng Yi-Sheng (黄毅圣) and Chua Chim Kang (蔡深江) , as they share with us their reading habits.

WhyNot Vol 4 also feature many interesting works from young and budding writers, ranging from poetry, essays, to short fiction. For poetry, we have works from Yeo Min Hui (明慧) , Empty Totoro (空·龙猫) , Irene Oh (爱妮) , Wang Mun Kiat (黄文杰) , Gu Xingzi (孤星子) , Malaysian poet Luo Luo (罗罗) and Taiwanese poet Amang Hung (阿芒) . For essays, we have selected the work of Lixie (李邪) , a multi-talented theatre practitioner to share with us her opinions on actors and acting. As for fiction, Teo Kok Keong (张国强) will be delighting our readers with the story of a girl who has the ability to “penetrate” walls.

Finally, our column features an article from LGBT activist and writer Ng Yi-Sheng (黄毅圣) . This article is a brief history of the LGBT community in Singapore and their “bad romance” with the local authorities. In short, their relationship is like a waltz. Locked in each other’s embrace they are simply taking the same steps over and over again. Two steps to the front, two steps to the back.

本期的杂志添加了许多有趣的内容。专题以散文和记忆为出发点,专访了柯思仁、陈志锐与吴韦材。记忆到底有多“真”?散文又应该如何呈现这些记忆?通过他们的陈述,探讨真实与再现的文学景观!除此之外,本期的特辑“作家的书架”也专访了5位作家 (陈华彪、潘正镭、钟达成、黄毅圣与蔡深江) ,揭露他们的书架与阅读习惯。


另外,本刊的性别专栏也收录了黄毅圣 (Ng Yi-Sheng) 的文章。此文章概括了新加坡酷儿群体简史,并且描绘了该群体与政权之间的 “bad romance”。这一场“恋情”犹如一场原地旋转的华尔兹舞,两方紧锁在彼此的怀里,两步向前,两步向后。

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