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Word By Word We Build Ourselves

by Hanson Ho

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Word by Word We Build Ourselves is a dictionary of 55 words that define how creative director, Hanson Ho, built his independent graphic design office, H55.

Starting from 'Absolute', and ending with 'Work', this book outlines the philosophy of this Singapore-based outfit known for its systematic and efficient distillation of designs that are modern and pure. Through his own words, Ho charts the journey of building up H55 in 1999, a response to his personal life and the new millennium—a time when Singapore was recovering from the Asian financial crisis, graphic design was dominated by grunge typography, and many prophesied the end of print with the onset of the digital revolution.

Emerging out of this 'noise' is H55: a design approach, a point-of-view, and a way to lead life, all in an honest and truthful manner.

Paperback: 60 Pages
Product Dimensions: 141 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789810946807

Published by H55