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World Of Food

by Sandra Lawrence

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Illustrated by Violeta Noy

What did the ancient Romans snack on? Where does chocolate come from? And how has the humble potato shaped history? There is a whole world of food to discover!

Everywhere on our planet where people can be found, there are different foods that we enjoy, and different ways of preparing and eating them, too. From fruits, vegetables, cheeses and grains to spices, honey, chocolate and foods of the future, find out where foods come from, and what we grow, farm, forage and cook in order to eat. Explore more than 100 dishes and food traditions from every corner of the globe, and what people ate for lunch 5,000 years ago. Roasted hedgehog, anyone?

Bursting with colour and fascinating facts, World of Food looks at what we have in common, and celebrates our differences.

Hardback: 64 Pages
Product Dimensions: 225 x 285 mm
ISBN: 9781787417434

Published by Bonnier Books