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Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK CD

by múm

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Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK is the debut album by experimental Icelandic musical group múm, originally released on TMT (Iceland) on 11 March 2000, and then on 2 April 2001 in the United Kingdom.

1 I'm 9 Today
2 Smell Memory
3 There Is a Number of Small Things
4 Random Summer
5 Asleep on a Train
6 Awake on a Train
7 The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records
8 The Ballad of the Broken String
9 Sunday Night Just Keeps on Rolling
10 Slow Bicycle

('There is a Number of Small Things' from Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK - YouTube Link)

Format: CD
Length: 67:41
Genre: electronic
Product Dimensions: 140 x 125 mm
Condition: 9/10

Published by múm