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zingmagazine #24

by zingmagazine

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Long Lasting Value. That's what it says on the wrapper of Scott toilet paper. It's a new slogan that's been added to the fantastically beautiful logo graphic. Funny to think of this quickly dispensable commodity as having the quality of "long lasting." Long lasting, longevity, endurance... kind of a strength. It's nice that even toilet paper could have this quality and that it's a value one would project on a lowly sanitary tissue product.

The words "accurate" and "careful" were just differentiated on The Avengers during a scene of shotguns being loaded. In this episode, birds are disappearing and Mrs. Peel and Steed are finding that contaminants causing the "foulness" might be the culprit they have been chasing which in the end has nothing to do with anything. But oddly, it's incredibly foresightful environmentalism. People in the show are even marching with placards that say "Be kind to animals". All in an episode from 1965. Is there a difference between "accurate" and "careful"? It seems to me that to be accurate you'd have to be careful. Unless you're Dick Cheney, then you're neither (especially with a shotgun).

A magazine that comes out once a year, a roll of toilet paper, and an hour-long television show from the '60s. And the birds, well... the flock must necessarily follow. Let's be flippant now, because when in doubt it's much better to rely on the beautiful eye of fashion, naturally none other than Christian Dior, and because we're talking about TV, toilet paper, and birds, let's at least reflect on the other kind of birds: "Women are most interesting between the ages of thirty-five and forty, after they have won a few races and know how to pace themselves. Since few women ever pass forty, maximum fascination can continue indefinitely."

It would be nice to think that fascination is accurate and careful, and in Ezra Pound's words "DEElicious" ... but more than anything that it's something that lasts indefinitely.

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